Black Premium Cocktail Shaker Set by BARTENDER SOUL - (18oz), Built-In Strainer, Jigger and Recipes - Elegant Martini Bar Kit Mixer - Resistant Anti-Rust 18/8 304 Real Quality Steel - Perfect Gift

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  • professional cocktail shaker set
  • professional cocktail shaker set
  • professional cocktail shaker set
  • professional cocktail shaker set
  • professional cocktail shaker set
  • professional cocktail shaker set
  • professional cocktail shaker set

Price: $14.97


  • ✅ GET DISTINGUISHED VALUE: Elegant Black 18oz Cobbler Cocktails Shaker with Built-In Strainer, Double Volume Jigger 1oz Big Side & 0.5oz Small Side with Black Band Detail.
  • ✅ MAKE TOP COCKTAILS FOR MEMORABLE EVENTS with this Premium Bartending Kit Any Mixing Will Perfectly Come Out. Ready for the Recipes Ideas Included in the Emailed eBook and the Ones Found in Our VIP Club.
  • ✅ IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS AND CUSTOMERS. Smart Black Finish Perfect for Your Kitchen or Bar. Elegant, Stylish, Versatile and Easy to Use, It is Also an Ideal Gift for This Person that You Are Thinking About.
  • ✅ HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED Bar Shakers Made of FDA Approved Anti-Rust 18/8 304 Grade Stainless Steel. BPA Free. Perfect Seal Anti-Leakage. Top Quality Irremovable Black Laser. Anti Grip Material.
  • ✅ COMPLETE YOUR COCKTAILS TOOLS COLLECTION. Perfectly compatible with the whole products family. Click On the "Bartender Soul" Brand Link Above For More Options.

Product Description

COCKTAIL SHAKER SET from Bartender Soul

Would you like to surprise your couple with a romantic dinner at home and finish with a perfect cocktail?

Now you can do it!

Discover this elegant bartender kit for impressing your couple by preparing your own cocktails at home.

Mix your favorite cocktail with this magnificent and elegant cocktail shaker. It’s perfect to finish a special night. Now you can make personalized cocktail depending on the taste.

Also with the included recipes digital eBook, the drinks like Martini, Margarita or Cosmopolitan will not be a problem. You will be able prepare easily the best cocktails or even create your own ones.

Bartender Soul provides you the exact cocktail kit to develop your own cocktails portfolio.

Why do you have to choose this Bartending Kit?

- Entire bar tools required for making good cocktails: cocktail shaker of stainless steel (3 pieces) and special double Jigger (1 and ½ oz).

- Black finish: Elegant and sophisticated design.

- Durability. All the pieces are made of high quality stainless steel. It is very durable and ensure proper seal anti leakage.

- Accurate selection of best materials anti rust.

- It has as non-slip finish that allows better grip.

- Easy to clean: Hand wash for perfect preservation.

- Ideal for gift.

Do you want more?

Bartender Soul is 100% GUARANTEED. If you have any problem with the product, we guarantee you a full refund.

And more?

If you buy now you will receive an eBook with our cocktail recipes selection totally FREE.

Ask for one!!

Buy this bartender tool set now! Simply Click Add to cart at the top of the page button and enjoy your cocktails!

 Top Rated Customer Reviews

Rating Great for home or fun get togethers

By David on 2016/12/02

I loved the executive look of this shaker as most are plain stainless steel. The jigger is a 1 and .5oz pours which is perfect for my concoctions as I like to experiment with different flavored vodkas and see what goes with what. The black lid holds securely when not in use and the whole cup is softer to ensure a good grip when shaking. My ice cubes are quite bigger so straining over fresh ice is a breeze. I've made about 25 drinks in it so far and the seal has been wonderful. I plan on using it at my family's Christmas party in which I'll have well over 100 cocktails going there so I'll definitely be putting it through its paces.

Rating No Leakage, Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker

By Authentic_Analysis on 2016/06/11

Bartender Soul Cocktail Shaker is a great addition to any home bar. Its stainless steel construction prevents leakage, and its no-slip grip permits use without the Shaker falling from your hands. The complimentary e-book also allows the Shaker to be used by a beginner cocktail mixer!

RECIPE E-BOOK: After ordering the Shaker, the Seller contacted me to share a complimentary recipe e-book that contained an introduction on preparing cocktails and 26 drink recipes. Each colorful recipe page contained background information on the drink (e.g., its origin, occasions to serve it), an ingredients list, and mixing instructions. Since I am a beginner at cocktail making, I printed the book so that I could have it handy when friends visit. Thus far, this e-book has been an excellent resource, allowing me to move past my days of drinking rum-and-coke! In case you are interested, the e-book contained the following popular drinks: French 75, Aviation, Gimlet, Gin Tonic, Martini, Tom Collins, White Lady, Blue Hawaii, Caipirinha, Daiquiri, Mai Tai, Mojito, Peña Colada, Zombie, Long Island, Margarita, Paloma, Tequila Sunrise, Bloody Mary, Cosmopolitan, Kamikaze, Sex on the Beach, John Collins, Manhattan, Sidecar, and Sangria.

STAINLESS STEEL: The Shaker is made of stainless steel, with a silicon-like exterior grip. Since I often spill while adding ingredients, having a silicon-like grip allows me to shake the Shaker without fear that it will slip out of my hands. The exterior of the shaker also has the phrase “Bartender Soul” engraved into the stainless steel, which gives the Shaker a high quality appearance. When I used the shaker, I noticed how great it was at preventing leakage. Other cocktail shakers I have owned in the past had horrible leakage issues. But with this Shaker, I don’t have to worry about getting up the next morning to a big mess in my kitchen.

BUILT-IN STRAINER: The built-in strainer is very useful—and is noticeably absent from many other commercially available cocktail shakers. Without a built-in strainer you will either have to use an external strainer to remove fruits, or forgo more complex drinks.

JIGGER: The Shaker also arrives with a “jigger,” which is a measuring instrument that allows you to measure cocktail ingredients. It is particularly useful because many cocktails require less than 1 oz., (which is the size of a standard shot glass). The jigger also has a 1 oz. measurement. This too is made of stainless steel. Also, it is worth noting that the drink instructions in the e-book are written so that you can use this jigger to make everything.
(Received product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review).

Rating Fun for parties!

By NRP on 2016/06/07

It is a ton of fun to have a cocktail shaker in the house. It’s a must at parties, and people like to play with it and use it themselves. Bartending just has this cool reputation to it, and we all like to pretend we could do it, although friends who were bartenders in college or beyond said it was actually harder than you think.

This is a quality shaker. 18 ounces. I got the black finish which is really pretty and really soft too. I like that it doesn’t leave fingerprints like the silver would’ve. The lid slides on tight, as does the cap. It’s durable but not too bulky or heavy. It looks cool lined up on the bar with the other tools. I turn it backwards so you can’t see the label with the company name on it.

It came with an eBook of some recipes to try out. I looked up a few more online. You shake cocktails with fruit juice, cream, or eggs, I’ve read, because it causes air bubbles that make a drink frothy and foamy. You can make Margaritas, Cosmopolitans, Daiquiris, Whiskey Sours. Those were all in the recipe book and a few more. Have fun with it! I’ve enjoyed my shaker so far, no complaints.

I received this shaker for a discount in exchange for my honest feedback, but my thoughts are my own. Thanks!

Rating party time

By Syretta Davidson on 2016/11/29

love it a great add on for parties an i have events every other month

Rating No leaks, great cocktail recipe guide,

By BostonJohn on 2017/07/01

This is a sturdy and compact cocktail shaker. It seals nicely to avoid leaks and the strainer is perfectly positioned. The vendor sends you a downloadable cocktail mixers guide as a free add-on. Convenient to store on your smart phone.

Rating Five Stars,

By Rick Malok on 2017/06/26

Great fit on top to base and cap to top.

Rating Good little shaker

By Ms. KB on 2017/03/09

"Smaller size is great for me. Black finish on outside makes for easy gripping. Love the pour measuring cup that comes with it. Cap comes off easily, as does the top from the base --- I've had shakers where this has been a real problem. I am very happy with this shaker"

Rating Great housewarming gift,

By Carol Rae Robinson on 2017/02/18

Attractive, easy grip for a woman's hands, lid does not get stuck (hate that, which is why I bought a new one) very good quality for the price. Nice buy ahead hostess gift to have on hand.

Rating A great addition to my growing home bar

By rjenk on 2017/02/07

Unit is made very well and the lid fits very tight. I have not experienced any leakage when mixing drinks. A great addition to my growing home bar.

Rating Great shaker

By Mary D. Mostsinsker on 2017/01/26

This is my first cocktail shaker and I am so glad I found this great Bartender Soul Black Premium Cocktail Shaker on Amazon. In addition to the great shaker for a very reasonable price, the seller email a bonus pdf Bartender Soul® Recipes Selection. Thank you so much. I am considering to buy another shaker for a gift to my daughter.