Professional Corkscrew (Pakka Wood) Double Lever, Excellent Wine Opener, Choice of Sommeliers and Waiters, w/ Foil Cutter, Strong Stainless Steel for Beer Bottles

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  • professional cocktail shaker set
  • professional cocktail shaker set
  • professional cocktail shaker set
  • professional cocktail shaker set

Price: £12.97


  • ✅ USED BY PROMOTED WAITERS. Professional Stainless Steel Double-Hinged Corkscrew. Spring Loaded Heavy Duty Two-Step Fulcrum. Serrated Foil-Cutter Blade and Easy Grip Redwood Handle For A Pleasurable User Friendly Bottle Opening Experience.
  • ✅ MAKE A CONFIDENT LOYAL FRIEND. With this Hassle-Free Expert Bottle Opening RedWood Corkscrew. Get Direct FREE Access to the Exclusive Bartender Soul VIP Club.It's High Quality Multifunctions, Desire to Help You In Any Occassion.
  • ✅ CHARM YOUR FRIENDS & CLIENTS. Its Finish is Perfect For Your Restaurant or Celebration. Stunning, Finely-Crafted, Sommelier Inspired and Easy to Use, it is Also an Ideal Gift for "That Person" You've Been Eyeing.
  • ✅ DO THE TEST & DISCOVER THE REST. Well-Made Material Compatible With The Complete Collection, It Can Blend With Any Other Bartender Soul® Product. Just Click On the "Bartender Soul" Brand Link Above To Access More Options.
  • ✅ HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED. Corkscrew Made of FDA Approved Anti-Rust 420 Grade Durable Stainless Steel. BPA Free. Leaves No Shredded Cork Pieces Behind. Exceptional Non-Magnetic Precision-Cut Groove. Effortless Drills.

Product Description

From all the corkscrews for sale, finally a professional tool that has it all.

Superior & Durable, this Red Pakka Wood Corkscrew is provided by Bartender Soul. Waiters recommend its precision cut groove and spring loaded heavy duty two-step fulcrum. Detailed with the benefits of a chrome plated exterior made of high quality SS420 anti-rust stainless steel and the easy grip redwood handle, makes this one of the expert and leading corkscrews in the United States. Efficient and easy to clean this is an ideal compact multi-functional tool with an all-in-one stainless steel serrated foil cutter blade, wine stopper and bottle opener. Built to last and designed to perform, the precision cut groove is made to provide a smooth insert and cork removal. Discover the ease of use of an Red Wood corkscrew to get the level you deserve.

Invest in your potential.

Prepare those stunning drinks with excellent service, perfect for any eatery. Complete with a double lever system providing an ease of use bottle opening in seconds. Leaving no shredded cork pieces behind. You will be able to indulge in the benefits of an effortless solid cork removal.

From the moment you indulge in this gorgeous corkscrew and engage in it's optimal functions, watch and be amazed as your business booms within seconds. As the demand of your drinks multiply, expansion should be taken into consideration. A two-step operation provides enough leverage to comfortably deliver a user-friendly experience. The comfort-grip redwood handle and non-magnetic tools confidently satisfies every delivery. The stylish sommelier's choice precision crafted professional redwood corkscrew takes pride in it's well-made craftsmanship.

This is truly a handy friend that will partner with any professional. Add it Now to Your Cart with no Risk. 100% Guaranteed for a replacement or refund

 Top Rated Customer Reviews

Rating lovely item

By gypp on 2017/06/27

easyist cork remover I have used, even ER indoors has opened a bottle of wine properly for the first time ever

Rating Very well made. Lovely to look at as well and very functional!, 9 Aug. 2017

By Dorris on 2017/08/09

I love this opener. It's stylish, functional, durable and priced lower than worse things in a the retail store. Very glad I picked this up.

Rating A good tool for my restaurant crew. They can use it very easily.., 7 Aug. 2017

By Harshel on 2017/08/07

Simply one of the best wine opener I've had. Strong, durable, robust, great design.

Rating This is definitely worth it., 6 Aug. 2017

By Besca2015 on 2017/08/06

This is definitely worth it. This is a sold wine opener and it takes up little space in my drawer. Definitely worth it.

Rating I'd like to open wine bottle with this. It works perfectly and looks great., 4 Aug. 2017

By Amazon Customer on 2017/08/04

Works perfectly & looks great. It is well build and has a wonderful natural wooden finish.

Rating I like this wine bottle opener, 2 Aug. 2017

By Amazon Customer on 2017/08/02

This is definitely great to have around and especially for someone who loves goods wine. Easily screws in and pops the cork out. Its stylish and easily stores in your kitchen utensil drawer.

Rating The color looks really cool. It has a great natural wooden feel., 1 Aug. 2017

By Isaac Andrews on 2017/08/01

Best corkscrew I've ever owned. Great quality, functions well, easy to use. The color looks ultra cool. Highly recommend this product as they clearly care about their product, customers and wine!

Rating This is a solid built, the stainless steel was able to provide that high-end touch., 1 Aug. 2017

By Amazon Customer on 2017/08/01

Love this corkscrew, works great and looks very high end. It feels solid.

Rating The consistency of this product was great. It exceeded my expectations.,

By David Whittaker on 2017/07/31

I'm happy to see that the company holds their product to a consistent and high standard. There is nothing more frustrating then ordering a replacement item and receiving a sub-par product that does'n match the original ones quality. Happy to confirm this is not the case with this item!

Rating Classy design with sturdy quality.,

By Lilly on 2017/07/30

I'm a gadget guy, but when it comes to opening a bottle of wine you can throw out all those silly contraptions that no one can operate (and that eventually break because of all the weird moving parts). Sometimes you just gotta go old-school, and this bottle opener does it with a nice bit of heft and class. The build quality of this opener exceeded my expectations. Definitely worthy of five stars.