Premium Cocktail Shaker Set - Professional 26oz 1mm Thickness Tin with Built-In Strainer, 4 Levels Jigger, Stirring Spoon and Recipes - All 18/8 Quality Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Reliable Bar Tools

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  • professional cocktail shaker set
  • professional cocktail shaker set
  • professional cocktail shaker set
  • professional cocktail shaker set
  • professional cocktail shaker set
  • professional cocktail shaker set
  • professional cocktail shaker set

Price: £20.97


  • ✅ FEATURES: 26oz Extra Size Being Able to make 2 to 4 Cocktails or 6 Shots; Useful Built-In Strainer; Versatile Measuring Jigger Cup Marked to 0.3, 0.5, 0.7 and 1oz. Twisted Handle Stirring Spoon with Liquors Layering End for Cute Presentations. Accurately Designed Anti-Leakage with 1mm Thickness Stainless Steel, Strong Against Deformation. Made of 18/8 304 Real Resistance Quality Anti-Rust. It doesn't add Odors or Strange Flavors and is Dishwasher Safe. Ensure the Success you Deserve.
  • ✅ IMPRESS YOUR CLIENTELE AND COLLEAGUES. Its Chrome Plated Impeccable Polished Surface is Perfect For Your Restaurant or Kitchen and with the Unique and Exclusive Bartender Soul Design is an Ideal Gift for “That Person” You Are Thinking About.
  • ✅ MAKE COOL COCKTAILS FOR FUNNY EVENTS: Must-Have Professional Bartender Accessories Kit Completed with a Gift Box and Ready to Go Recipes Booklet as well as an Emailed Book. Easily Make Charming Manhattan, Pina Colada, Cosmopolitan, Martini, Zombie, Sidecar, Aviation, Bloody Mary, Mojito, Paloma, Margarita... and all the cocktails you've always wished for.
  • ✅ RISK FREE 100% MANUFACTURER GUARANTEED: Customer Satisfaction is Our Goal; Bartender Soul® Premium Cocktail Shaker Set is backed by 30 Days Money Back or Replacement As Well As FREE 7 Years NO-Rust Warranty.
  • ✅ EVOLVE YOUR COCKTAILS WITHOUT LIMITS. Compatible With The Complete Collection, It Can Be Perfectly Used With Any Other Bartender Soul® Product. Just Click On the "Bartender Soul" Brand Link Above To Access More Options.

Product Description


Would You Like to Surprise Your Friends or Customers With an Amazing Set of Cocktails and Make Them Happy?

Now You Can Do It!

Discover this elegant bartender kit to impress your peers. Prepare your favorite cocktails, perfect to finish this special night. Also you can test new recipes ideas. Drinks like Martini, Margarita or Cosmopolitan won't be a problem anymore. You will be able to prepare easily the best taste cocktails in the world.

Why Bartender Soul?

BUILT TO LAST - Perfect shiny finish made of high quality 18/8 304 grade anti-rust stainless steel.
DESIGNED TO PERFORM - It is built to ensure proper seal anti-leakage with a double thickness wall.
EASY TO CLEAN - Dishwasher Safe.
IDEAL FOR A GIFT - Birthday, Bachelorette Party...
100% GUARANTEED - If you have any problem with the product, we guarantee you a FREE replacement or a full refund.

What is included?

3 PIECES COBBLER SHAKER for all types of cocktails comes with a built-in strainer useful to strain light ingredients.
VERSATILE JIGGER double side capacity of 1oz and 0.5oz, marked inside as well at 0.7oz and 0.3oz.
STIRRING SPOON with this large 10'' Stirrer Spoon Your Favorite Vodka Martini will Perfectly Come Out.
BOOKLET (physical pocket book) with a welcome essential list of cocktail recipes you can test as soon as you receive the shaker set.
EBOOK Emailed expanded list with the main Bartender Soul recipes selection as well as some tips and tricks.
VIP CLUB FREE ACCESS in where you can always find online and updated ideas.

Click Add to Cart button at the top of the page and Enjoy Your Cocktails!

 Top Rated Customer Reviews

Rating Quality cocktail shaker, makes nice cocktails

By Jodee on 2017/03/12

The cocktail shaker is made of decent gauge stainless steel and feels like a robust, durable piece of kit. I have been using the cocktail shaker for quite a while now and really impressed with it. It helps me make near restaurant quality cocktails at home. The ingredients mix well and the result is fabulous. The cocktail shaker is good size and can make cocktails for two at a time. I like this type of cocktail shaker as you don’t need a separate strainer. The stainless steel tumbler is large (25Oz capacity) and good size for two portions. The cocktail shaker has 3 pieces, all made of stainless steel – the tumbler, strainer piece and a lid on top of the strainer.

The cocktail shaker comes packed in a nice branded cardboard box. It may make a good gift for cocktail lovers. The pack also contains a stainless steel double Jigger marked to 0.7 & 1oz Level in the Large Volume and to 0.3 & 0.5oz in the Small. This is quite handy to measure the spirits. The Bartender Soul logo is engraved in the cocktail shaker which gives it a premium look. There is also a Cocktails Recipes booklet included. The seller also emailed an electronic copy of the booklet just after the order was placed.

I also liked the fact that this cocktail shaker can also be used as a Boston Shaker with a Pint Glass. I do have a stainless steel Boston Shaker but I tried the Bartender Soul stainless steel tumbler with another pint glass and it didn’t disappoint me. The seal was good and the liquid didn’t leak when shaking. I am happy with my purchase.

Rating This is a very nice high quality cocktail shaker

By ANGELI on 2017/03/06

This is a very nice high quality cocktail shaker.This one came packaged nicely in a box. Thank you. The shaker is made of a slick stainless steel with an engraved Bartender Soul logo. The top fits snugly over the shaker, as does the cap.The top has multiple holes as a strainer, to use when pouring your drink into a glass.Thank you.

Rating A long term shaker for the bar., 17 Aug. 2017

By Andrew on 2017/08/17

This shaker is made out of solid stainless steel. This is a long term product. It does not rust. It also has a great seal and it doesn't leak. its a great product

Rating Amazing Accessories, 1 Aug. 2017

By Amazon Customer on 2017/08/01

Accompanied with a jigger for measuring. This shaker set has everything you need for that delicious drink. Tried it out once and I was delighted to have tasted an amazing drink created by me.

Rating Good Stainless steel Quality,

By Amazon Customer on 2017/07/30

Good quality! I love this mixer. I use it to make Tapioca and mix drinks. Highly recommended. It has an amazing touch and it's elegant metallic look is pretty amazing.

Rating Nice Cocktail Shaker - It Doesn't Leak!

By Caitlyn Hood on 2017/07/30

I have tried a few different cocktail shakers and the real nice thing about this shaker is it doesn't leak when shaking it, like all of the others I've tried.

Rating Well worth it!

By Amazon Customer on 2017/07/29

I enjoy experimenting. This process would need a good shaker. This is a very nice set. It feels right and is attractive. The jigger is beautiful, I like the solid feel of this.

Rating Good quality

By Amazon Customer on 2017/07/29

Great addition to any bar top. Good quality, professional grade. The stainless steel provides a good chrome finish that make that makes it look elegant and well made. I would recommend this for long term use.

Rating Nice addition to my hone bar, looks elegant

By Kai Cunningham on 2017/07/28

The Martini shaker comes with a double sided jigger to measure out 1oz and 1/2 oz shots. Ican make a nice martini or Dirty martini. i like that it comes with an E-Book.

Rating Party time

By Charlie Davis on 2017/07/28

This shaker has a strainer built in the middle lid so you can put fruits or lemons and anything you would like to have. It a great way to be creative.