Stainless Steel Reusable Ice Cubes – 8pcs

Elegant Shapes with 2 Premium Silicone Coasters, Tongs and Freezer Tray – Non Intrusive High Quality for Whisky, Liquors, Wine, Cocktails, Natural Juice

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Finally you can taste the Original Flavor of Your Favorite Drinks. These Stainless Steel Cubes are not diluted and therefore do not water your liquors, providing a perfect, odorless and tasteless cooling. They save water and you will never again hit or chop ice.


Manufactured in high quality real 304 stainless steel are much more resistant to rust than merely food grade steel. They do not contaminate with strange odors or flavors. Included are silicone tipped tongs to serve the cubes with maximum hygiene without scratching the steel. The refrigerator tray prevents contact with other foods to maintain its aseptic action.


Its design is thought-out to accompany the best drinks with a non-intrusive appearance. You will impress your customers and friends both at first sight with the premium coasters included and when they taste the intense flavor of the drinks. It is a Perfect Gift for "That Person" you are thinking about.


this elegant ice stones set is backed by 30 days money back or replacement as well as FREE 7 years no-rust warranty.

Finally a non-diluted alternative to flavorful drinks. Experience the full flavor and taste of a well-mixed drink. Found in the hippest bars and restaurants, this portable ideal friend is here to accompany you anytime, anywhere. Its durable high grade stainless steel anti rust properties will surely leave your taste buds wanting more. This thirst quencher is known for producing optimal results. Delivering only what you deserve, this beauty is small enough to cater to any event, gathering or just a simple outdoor vacation. The chrome plated on the go design will bring you to a prosperous life. Reusable and easy to clean, its quick air drying assets will leave you on the edge of your seat.

This is a unique alternative to diluted ice cubes. Take this investment into the palm of your hands and upgrade to a better lifestyle. Worth every sip, these ice stones will surely take you to a whole new world of flavor. Serving only the best, make this little friend your partner, as you take a sip of whiskey by the beach, or simply just a cocktail mix on the porch.

From the moment you take that first sip, this stunning, durable, efficient friend is here to keep your drinks secure. Enjoy your chilled drink, as this cooling sensation will leave your drink cold for as long as it exists. Settle for only the best. An elegant design made to impress anyone who feasts their eyes on it. These heavy duty ease of use pieces are made to compliment any cocktail or mix you had in mind. Offer your friends a masterful drink and be amazed as they admire who you are. Produce joy and a magnificent life as your brilliance radiates. Be cheerful and overjoyed with the benefits of these stones. Be fortunate and expand your knowledge on flavor. Take these stones to your local bar, or even at a party. Providing you with the best, these surely will accompany you anywhere.