Professional Sommelier Corkscrew

Ideal for oenology lovers. Robust, lightweight and carefully designed style with ebony wood handle.

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3.4oz - Articulated for efficient 2 steps uncorking. Its worm in Teflon gains smoothness without damaging the cork. Convenient service preparation thanks to its integrated capsule remover.


Solid and resistant stainless steel opener with handle finished in natural ebony wood and a genuine design that takes maximum care of the beauty of the shapes.


It offers an exquisite service for special events accompanying the best bottles. It is the perfect gift for "that person" you are thinking about.


Fully guaranteed by BARTENDER SOUL, your Sommelier Waiter Corkscrew has both refund or replacement covered for 30 days.

From all the premium corkscrews for sale, finally an elegant tool ergonomically designed to perform. Stunning and Genuine, this Ebony Wood Corkscrew is manufactured with High Quality Standards. Wine Enthusiasts appreciate its finest durable precision worm and double-hinged spring complete with two levers for maximum support.

Exquisitely built with a mirror finish made of high quality SS420 anti-rust stainless steel and the inlaid dark Ebony Wood Premium easy grip handle, makes this one of the outstanding and leading corkscrews in the market. Chic and gleaming this is an ideal multi functional tool optimized to deliver an all-in-one stainless steel capsules remover, wine stopper and bottle opener. Long term benefits and swift service come about as the precision is made to provide a pleasing insert and cork removal. Be recognized by seducing your clients and colleagues with the clever premium touch an Ebony Wood corkscrew has to offer.

Invest in loyal clientele. Prepare those impeccable drinks with sophisticated service, perfect for any event. Complete with a double lever system providing a visually pleasurable bottle opening experience. Providing a smooth delivery, you’ll surely leave no cork crumbles behind. Attract the credentials you deserve with the impressive ease of cork removal.