Silicone Coasters Table Trivets with Suction Pad – Set of 4 – White

stickAir Sucker Cup Mounts – Non-Slip, Anti-Spill – Innovative design that revolutionizes the world of general container security

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Our StickAirs prevent unwelcome accidental spills or condensation from staining while protecting your favorite table from scratches. In addition, they allow you to safeguard all your surfaces from the effects of cold or heat from pots, pans and other containers used at home or in professional settings.


Its patented design, thanks to its integrated suction cup, prevents glasses and glasses from sticking uncomfortably to the base, freeing it from annoying stains on your clothes and avoiding unexpected visits to the dry cleaner. In addition, the reversible system allows you to fix your favorite honey jar, your soap dispenser ... etc. to tables and surfaces without external force or additional glues that harm the environment.


Its liquid collection system allows you to completely get rid of the remains of spills without leaving traces inside that can accumulate dirt, annoying bacteria or other pathogens. They are impeccably hygienic after each wash comfortably in the dishwasher. Ideal to be used as a drainer for your shaker since thanks to its channels it provides the necessary ventilation to avoid unwanted bacteria accumulated by humidity.


Our protectors of tables and other surfaces are made of flexible, manageable and resistant high quality silicone for professional and home use. All its details are designed for your comfort. The 11cm diameter and 8mm maximum thickness allow you to use them for almost all kitchenware in your kitchen, office, workshop, etc.

Silicone Coaster with stickAIR technology by Bartender Soul