Professional Boston Cocktail Shaker Set

21 & 28oz, 0.8mm and Double Flair – Strainers, Jigger Cup, Cocktail Spoon, Muddler and Pourers – Designed in High Quality Stainless Steel



Cocktail set intended to be used intensively. The Boston shaker is designed with easy anti-leak sealing, balanced weight in both glasses for double Flair movements and 0.8 mm thickness, resistant against deformation. It includes the two essential strainers, Hawthorne and fine mesh, which allow you to strain any cocktail. The Jigger of 1 and 1.7 oz is also marked at 1.5oz, for greater accuracy.


Worth every item. The stirring spoon with solid turning, thick flat base and 25 cm long is perfect for your gin. The mortar hand with a very comfortable design, also of 25 cm, is ideal to extract the aroma of fruits, herbs and spices. The two rubber-based spills (not plastic) are essential for your best bottles. It includes a recipe guide with the essential reference mixtures.


Savor your cocktails to the fullest without any distortion in taste or aroma. This is possible thanks to the real quality steel verified 18/8 304 BPA free. Chrome finish and polished surface is ideal for your bar, restaurant, cocktail bar or for your kitchen. Elegant, stylized, versatile and easy to use design. You can also clean all parts easily in the dishwasher.


The Set has a 30-day money back guarantee or replacement, as well as a 3-year anti-corrosion guarantee extension for all members of our VIP Club. The set is sent in an elegant gift box.


Would you like to surprise your customers and peers with amazing cocktails?

Now you can do it! Discover this elegant bartender kit to impress. Prepare your own favorite cocktails, perfect to finish this special night. Also you can test new recipes ideas. Drinks like Martini, Margarita or Cosmopolitan won’t be a problem anymore.

BUILT TO LAST – Perfect finish made of high quality 18/8 304 grade anti-rust stainless steel.

DESIGNED TO PERFORM – It is built to ensure proper seal anti-leakage.

EASY TO CLEAN – Dishwasher safe.

IDEAL FOR A GIFT – For “this person” you are thinking about.

100% GUARANTEED – by the manufacturer if you have any problem with the product.

What is included?

2 PIECES BOSTON SHAKER – For all types of cocktails.

HAWTHORNE STRAINER AND FINE MESH FILTER – with detachable spring for easy cleaning to be able to strain big pieces of ingredients.

LARGE JIGGER – double volume of 1oz and 2oz.

MUDDLER, SPOON AND POURERS – are the main complements needed to complete a full cocktail bar set and prepare any single cocktail.

RECIPES GUIDE – A welcome list of essential cocktail recipes you can test as soon as you receive the shaker set.

VIP CLUB FREE ACCESS – In where you can extend the guarantee up to 3 years and always find updated ideas.