Sommelier Waiters Corkscrew Professional Wine Opener by BARTENDER SOUL with Ebony Wood Handle, Double Hinged Lever, Teflon Coated Worm and Capsules Cutter - 420 Quality Steel - Elegant Perfect Gift

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  • professional cocktail shaker set
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Price: CAD$ 24.97


  • ✅ FEATURES: Integrated Multipurpose Secure and Quick Bottle Opener. Professional Double Hinged Lever and Teflon Coated Worm for Extra Leverage and Smoother Pulling. Built-In Durable Serrated Cutter for a Comfortable Foil Removal. Natural Ebony Wood Handle for Premium Aesthetic and Nice Touch. Anti-Rust 420 Superior Quality Stainless Steel Leaves No Cork Crumbles Behind. BPA Free. Ensure the Success You Deserve.
  • ✅ MAKE UNIQUE SUCCESSFUL EVENTS. Superb Finish and Exceptional Tool Benefits. It is Specially Designed for Exclusive Memorable Moments.
  • ✅ IMPRESS WITH A DELIGHTFUL DETAILED SERVICE. It's Sophisticated Design is Perfect for any Celebration. Genuine, Finest and Gleaming, it is the Perfect Gift for "This Person" that Came Across Your Mind.
  • ✅ RISK FREE 100% MANUFACTURER GUARANTEED: Customer Satisfaction First; Bartender Soul® Elegant Waiters Corkscrew is backed by 30 Days Money Back or Replacement As Well As FREE 7 Years NO-Rust Warranty.
  • ✅ AND DISCOVER MORE... Compatible With The Complete Collection, It Can Be Perfectly Used With Any Other Bartender Soul® Product. Just Click On the "Bartender Soul" Brand Link Above To Access More Options.

Product Description

From all the premium corkscrews for sale, finally an elegant tool ergonomically designed to perform. Stunning and Genuine, this Ebony Wood Corkscrew is manufactured with High Quality Standards. Wine Enthusiasts appreciate its finest durable precision worm and double-hinged spring complete with two levers for maximum support.

Exquisitely built with a mirror finish made of high quality SS420 anti-rust stainless steel and the inlaid dark Ebony Wood Premium easy grip handle, makes this one of the outstanding and leading corkscrews in the market. Chic and gleaming this is an ideal multi functional tool optimized to deliver an all-in-one stainless steel serrated foil cutter, wine stopper and bottle opener. Long term benefits and swift service come about as the precision is made to provide a pleasing insert and cork removal. Be recognized by seducing your clients and colleagues with the clever premium touch an Ebony Wood corkscrew has to offer.

Invest in loyal clientele. Prepare those impeccable drinks with sophisticated service, perfect for any event. Complete with a double lever system providing a visually pleasurable bottle opening experience. Providing a smooth delivery, you'll surely leave no cork crumbles behind. Attract the credentials you deserve with the impressive ease of cork removal.

 Top Rated Customer Reviews

Rating Simply Excellent High Quality

By I. Johnson on 2017/12/14

This is very nice and of extremely good build quality. Does it all very nicely.

Rating Solid feel, weighty - quality build and looks fantastic

By Joseph C. Garcia on 2017/12/07

This corkscrew is well made and easy to use. It works well and is nice to have in the house!

Rating Beautiful!

By Darleen D. Mandel on 2017/12/07

This is a beautiful corkscrew! I love the wood. Very easy to use and has everything you'd want. I love it.

Rating Great Corkscrew

By Marion on 2017/12/07

Looks and feels high quality. Works great. I think I need another one.

Rating Well made, beautiful and easy to use.

By John Kerr on 2017/11/30

Just received my Bartender soul corkscrew, yesterday. Heavy, great in hand feel and very well made. Only one bottled opened to date, but the finishes are beautiful. Well worth the purchase price, exceeded my expectation completely. Feels of quality and works great.

Rating Love it!

By D. Hudgins on 2017/11/26

The double hinged lever is what sets this waiter’s corkscrew apart from the old style that just had a single shorter one. It is also solid and has a good weight to it. I like it and find it easy to use.I really love it. This one is beautiful with a high quality finished wood. The stainless steel is stable and it can be used as decoration for the room.

Rating Best of all

By C. Black on 2017/11/26

Best quality ever I'm a wine bar owner and this is a must have tools in our pocket! Arrived perfectly. Just as pictured. Engraving is nice. Feels durable. The small blade is serrated. Can't wait to use it. High quality and easy to use. Great for travel and gifts!

Rating Great corkscrew that works

By David on 2017/11/25

The double pulling feature is best feature that you can get with any corkscrew. This is strongly made, is a value product that does what it needs to do. After undoing it, I was pleased with its weight and design.

Rating Excellent product

By Roye on 2017/11/24

I'm really impressed by this corkscrew. It is excellent product, easy to use, well made and good looking. This product is able to deliver a simple extraction. This product was a gift for my best friend. I am very pleased with this product. The features are perfect for a complete use. Great purchase!

Rating Five stars

By Charlotte R. Warren on 2017/11/24

What a wonderful, easy-to-use, two-stage corkscrew! Impressed with how solid and well constructed this corkscrew is. Appreciate the picture tutorial on the single lever--made it so easy since I was used to a double lever. Beautiful piece of kitchen jewelry--will make fantastic gifts! We love it!