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Bartender Soul has more than 1,700 fans on Facebook

Bartender Soul has more than 1,700 fans on Facebook

Feb 11 2016

Bartender Soul has reached 1,761 fans in Facebook and hopes to continue to grow to form a community around the brand. For the Company, online marketing and social media have become indispensable tools in its marketing strategy. The company considers that social networks are essential to promote brand awareness and improve the relationship between the company and its customers. For this, It has created a Bartender Soul Fan Pages on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube channel.

Today, social networks have become favourite places for people, where they can share a lot of information, photos and videos. The 85% of users goes to social networks every day and they regarded as a source of increasingly valuable information for them.

Facebook is the number one social network in the world. Today it occupies a central place in our lives. Every month, 10 million new users are added. The average Facebook user spends 405 minutes per month, equivalent to 13.5 minutes a day. For this reason, it's essential for the companies to be here.

Clients turn to the fan pages to find products, deals and also to contact with the brands and transmit their restlessness and needs. To Bartender Soul, facebook is an ideal place to be in direct contact with customers, know their opinions about products and service and have direct information on their tastes and preferences. This allows it to offer the customers a high level of service every day and identify their needs almost immediately.

Social networks increase the closeness, trust and credibility to the company, but has to be earned. Not worth to be in social networks and you're done. What really important is to know the customer, find out and investigate their real interests, preferences, and provide relevant content and information.

Bartender soul will continue with this strategy in their social networks to share quality content with their followers in order to encourage participation. Gradually this will create a community around the brand. This also will help increase traffic to bartender Soul web site and to the Bartender Soul Store on Amazon.

Bartender soul and its social networks

To follow Bartender Soul in the Social Networks:

  • On facebook, there are a lot of information about the company and the cocktail sector, cocktail recipes, videos, and information relevant for clients.
  • On pinterest, there are relevant photographs of cocktails, products or infographic of the bartending world.
  • On Youtube it will find videos of the company and cocktail recipes.
  • On Twitter it can find information in real time of Bartender Soul and its events.

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