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How to use Bartender Soul Cocktail Shaker Set?

How to use Bartender Soul Cocktail Shaker Set?

Dec 01 2015

The first step to become a professional bartender it's to know how to shake the cocktail shaker and how to use the bar utensils and equipment like the jigger and the strainer. For making cocktails with the cocktail shaker bar set, the following steps are recommended.

How to move the cocktail shaker?

The cocktail shaker is an essential bar tool for preparing cocktails, especially those which need to go cold and perfectly mixed together. It has three elements: the glass where mix the ingredients and the ice, the cover glass with integrated strainer and the cap to prevent the liquid from spilling while stirring.

The first step is to add the ice and the ingredients inside the cocktail shaker, ensuring that it is well closed before shaking. It is important to take the shaker with both hands and hold it firmly. The arms and the hands must move vigorously but be careful not to splash or spill.the movement with the arms must be strong and rhythmic: these movements can be from up to down or from the front to back.

It mustn't surpass the limits of the chest and the head and the rest of the body must be relaxed and without movement. The time of shaken depends on each cocktail. The time required should be between 10 and 20 seconds.

How to use the jigger?

The jigger is the measurement tool for bartenders. This has two volume measurements: 1/2 ounce (15 ml) and 1 ounce (30 ml). The ounce is a customary volume unit that abbreviates as "oz".

1 ounce [Fluid] = 2 Tablespoons [or 3 Dessert spoons]. The tablespoon is a commonly used volume unit in cooking recipes but there are different types of tablespoons and they are different in sizes. For the bartenders it is easier to use the jigger than the tablespoons because they don't spill anything and they know exactly the measurement of the liquor.

For making cocktails it is only needed to know how many ounces are needed and to add them in the cocktail shaker using the jigger.

How to use the strainer?

The strainer is used to make cocktails with no ice (e.g. Martinis) or when we don't want a certain ingredient (such as torn mint leaves) within the finished drink.

This cocktail shaker set has two different strainers: one built in inside of the cocktail shaker cap and another external that is named Hawthorne strainer. With this cocktail shaker is easier to strain drinks because the strainer is built into one of the cap.

But sometimes the mixture requires the use of a separate tool to strain. This is the external strainer or Hawthorne strainer. This is very common to see in cocktail bars. It has a flat top with 2 handles sticking out and a semi-circle of springs underneath. It is designed to fit snugly in the shaker glass and to hold back ice and almost all solid ingredients. For using it, it's necessary to place it inside of the mixing glass with the coil facing down, holding the strainer in place with the forefinger and serve slowly.

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