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Michito Kaneko, The Best Bartender 2015

Michito Kaneko, The Best Bartender 2015

Sep 06 2015

Michito Kaneko from Japan has been crowned World Class Global Bartender of the Year 2015. Kaneko has won the first award of the Word Class Competition that has celebrated from 31 of august to 5 of September in South Africa. He has won for his glamour, sophistication and fantastic cocktail creation.

The World Class Competition is the most important competition for bartenders in the world. It has been sponsored by the spirits beverage company; Diageo. The bartenders say that it's like "the Oscars for bartenders".

This event is a global platform for reinvention and evolution of classic and modern cocktails. Also, it's a tribute to the art of mixology and the culture of premium spirits and a place to discover new talents and give them a recognition for their work and innovation.

World Class Bartender 2015

This year the competition has been celebrated in South Africa where have participated 56 bartenders from 56 different countries. The participants of this final have been selected after winning the national competition in their origin countries.

The Countries competing have almost tripled since 2009‚ from 18 to 53. Countries taking part this year include Morocco‚ Ireland‚ United Arab Emirates‚ Switzerland‚ Austria‚ Brazil and Poland.

During six days, the bartenders have had to pass different proofs and one jury composed by the 15 best bartenders in the world, has valued the technique, creativity, speed and knowledge.

It has been very difficult for them because there were people very professional and creative.

The six best bartenders that have arrived at the final have been: Vítzslav Cirok (Czech Republic), Manolis Lykiardopoulos (Greece), Jack Sotti (Australia), Ali Reynolds (United Kingdom), the favourite of the jury, Ariel Leizgold (Israel) and Michito Kaneko. (Japon).

Finally, the jury has selected Michito Kaneko as the best bartender 2015. He has won the competition for his methodology and his attention with the clients.

Source: World Class

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