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Bartender Soul Presents a New Cocktail Shaker Set for Preparing Homemade Cocktails

Bartender Soul Presents a New Cocktail Shaker Set for Preparing Homemade Cocktails

Jun 22 2015

The kit includes the basic cocktail tools (shaker, jigger and strainer) to made the first steps into the bartender world

Cocktail ShakerBartender Soul has launched a set of cocktail tools, giving the customers the possibility to prepare their favourite cocktails in the comfort of their home. This set includes a cocktail shaker, a jigger and an external strainer. With these tools it's possible to prepare any kind of cocktail, such as martinis, margaritas or daiquiris. Also, it brings to the customers the opportunity to create their own cocktails, with their own blends of flavours and a touch of innovation and creativity.

For Bartender Soul, the shaker is not only for making cocktails, it's something more; it's the style and the art of the cocktail preparation. It's a cultural and social movement to connect with others doing something original and different. This idea is very important for the brand, which wants to associate the creativity and the style between products and clients.

The purpose of Bartender Soul is to help making cocktails as a professional. It is aimed to help when the customers want to become real bartenders. They need the right tools that give a touch of glamor and elegance in front of their guests.

Bartender Soul Cocktail Set

The art of the cocktail is not that simple and requires a series of tools that are not always at home. So this basic set has the essentials to develop quality cocktails easily and simply.

Inside the box there are three elements.

First, an elegant three-piece shaker stainless steel with a built-in strainer and a tight fitting lid is included.

The jigger helps to ensure accurate measurement of the drinks and create consistent cocktails. It has two measures. The larger one holds 1 oz, while the smaller one holds 1/2 oz.

The last element is the external strainer used for drinks that are shaken or stirred with ice and solid ingredients like fruits. This element helps to serve the cocktail neat even over new ice. The strainer helps to separate not only the ice, but also any big pieces of fruits, herbs or other solid ingredients from the drink.

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