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Ice Stones Set by Bartender Soul

Ice Stones Set by Bartender Soul

May 16 2017

Today, the simple ice cube has begun to be obsolete. It's known to cater to several bars and restaurants. However, the annoying diluted flavour is always taken into consideration. Wouldn't it be nice to taste the drink for what it truly is? Bartenders take time to  mix the best elixir that would magically uplift your spirit. The ultimate drinking experience is nothing without good vibes. Making every memory worthwhile, one should always decipher on whether or not something is worth the sip. Several coolers are known to provide an enhanced flavour due to the temperature. Coolers are known to deal with a load of challenges. Sometimes your drink’s diluted, the flavors watered down, the liquid content spills, the glass gets foggy and lastly the inconsistent temperature and flavor closes the deal. Luckily, in the market these factors were taken into consideration. The consistent solid form of an object would leave the drink neat. Through the access of non-diluted properties a stable effect is provided. An enhanced flavor could also be reached through the freezing temperature of a neat drink. For optimal results, stainless steel was known to be the best base. Not only is this able to provide non-porous properties, it also is considered to give out a 40F to 60F chilling of the drink. Durable, easy to clean and reusable, these little cooling friends are the next step to an amazing drinking experience.



whiskey stones reusable stainless steelIs it safe? The BPA Free component found in chromium - stainless steel, would make this tool a long-term investment. Since stainless steel is considered a common medium for water bottles. This alone could support the benefits of a stainless steel ice stone. In order to determine which best suits you. The top chillers must carry a load of hard cold facts. Food grade material and easy storage is one of the main characteristics that would cater to a portable and hassle free lifestyle. Ergonomically designed to provide optimal results. This may just be a revolutionary alternative to the common ice cube.

According to, the master distillers temperature is believed to provide optimal results. Attaining the best flavour would both help the consumer and bartender. Bartenders are able to identify which ingredient is more enhanced. A common mix is known to provide either a smooth taste or a distinct flavour. Keep in mind that the best drinks are those that can provide a good liquor effect without the need for that bitter harsh taste.


Temperature control is known to either ruin or make the best drink. Ice stones are known to have both a non-diluting and non-porous effect. This would create a perfect companion for any beverage or cocktail. Even water itself could taste better. However, the controversy between these whiskey stones would circle around the idea that the steel may be hard to drink with. This is with regards to its size. Fortunately, the cubes may be removed once the cooling effect has taken place after a 30 minute to 1hour interval. For the best flavour, take sips out of your drinks and enjoy the burst of flavour coming from a cooled drink.

Accompanied by tongs and an ice tray, the spirit drinker and liquor enthusiast are prepared. The accessories provide enough storage to execute a safe and smooth removal and start. An easy to wash and reusable factor would always be needed in order to project it's long term capabilities. Every product should be accompanied by accessories such as the ice tray and tongs and much more if necessary. An example of this would be Bartender Soul's Professional Ice Stones Set.The amount of time needed to freeze each stone before chilling a whiskey is also important. Usually it would vary from 1 to 2 hours at most. These are stones which are found to have a cooling gel inside. Other factors would pertain to the duration of chilling, the stones may produce for the standard 3 ounces of whiskey. The ideal amount of whiskey would usually be about two shots, this is considered to be a healthy pour. With simple steps, like keeping the stones in a freezer for one to 2 hours would deliver and create the perfect beverage temperature. Looking into detail, the internal properties of the stones would include a compact gel that generates consistent cooling. Inconsistency is always a big factor when creating the perfect mix.

whiskey stones of stainless steel for freezerIn the market, there are several characteristics in design that must be taken into consideration. The size and shape would determine what type of glass the stones could be used for. Given that the common glass has a wide opening, it’s best to purchase the curved triangle shaped ice stone. As for the size, it’s best to keep the stones at a small compact size. Using two ice stones would provide just enough to do the job. Bring this accessory and your beverage around. With no foggy glass effect, you’ll surely have the neatest drink. A neat drink is always able to give out that pure liquor taste. Making every sip memorable, these ice stones are surely something you'll never forget. Take this to your local bar and decide for yourself.

The easy to wash and reusable capabilities set this tool for the market. Keep it clean and green with this compact cooling friend. An example of this would be Bartender Soul’s Ice Stones Set. A healthy pour for liquor such as whiskey would need 2 shots or 3 ounces for 3 stones. Durable and reliable, these stones are making a change. The classy and modern physical looks create a spherical shape that would prevent the tumbling of stones outside the glass. The smooth ball effect minimizes the risk of any damage to the teeth. The ergonomic design here is considered to determine whether or not this is safe for children also.

The Glencairn whiskey glass is the first and only whiskey glass introduced by the Scotch Whiskey Association. The tulip shape of this glass provides a inward curve that enhances the smell of the drink. For all those whiskey lovers out there, pair up the stones and your glass for a better drinking experience. Indulge in the sense enticing benefits of a well-made drink. Bartenders and sommeliers can partake in this revolutionary tool. Made for any event, say goodbye to the common diluted ice cube. Try this product out on different cocktail mixes and discover the amazing effects that this can provide. Experiment on different flavors and taste the difference. Portable with a freezer on call, the best liquor tasting experience is just around the corner. Host an event and charm your friends with this go to tool. The technological advancement could give you more insights on this. Try something new today and simply learn how the experts do it right.

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