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Professional Corkscrew by Bartender Soul

Professional Corkscrew by Bartender Soul

May 02 2017

A. Factors to Consider 

When looking for the perfect wine accessory, it's best to keep in mind the need for efficiency and a few other quality assuring details. In rushed cases, people have the tendency to rely on the short term guarantees of an inexpensive bottle opener. Try considering a few factors to find a quick and easy way to map out the perfect fit for you.

I. Ease of Use 

Looking at the growing market of corkscrews, it has come to a point where grip is all the rage. As the simplicity of foil cutting has reached this age, the grip and comfort are the main issues here. With no difficulty opening the bottle. Bartenders and Sommeliers alike, would be able to produce that masterful pop. Spend your time wisely and be sure to impress your friends with your efficient and charming cork removal. Keep the drinks flowing with this feature.

II. Quality Control Weighing 

out the pros and cons of a portable lightweight durable corkscrew. The best option in the market for now would seem to be stainless steel. Long term and value-based, the quality of the material determines the level of productivity a corkscrew may bring. Invest in the right bottle opening experience and do it right. Stainless steel is known to have specific grades that indicate the level of anti-rust properties present. 

III. Wine Opener Type 

For daily use, the least stressful option is always best. A corkscrew that doesn't require power and experience would be the best suit. Make the most out of your choice and focus on the possibilities each corkscrew could provide. Every wine opener type has the tendency to produce advantages and disadvantages that may only be compared based on your user experience. Engage in the benefits of a bottle opening experience made for you. 

IV. Leverage 

Don't forget to consider the support system. Smoothly remove that cork without any broken bits or crumbs left behind. Save yourself the effort of cleaning up after yourself. Enjoy that delightful sip of precision and accuracy. A good design would include a coated worm for smooth i­nsertion into the cork, a little brute force would lever the cork right out. Do it right and make every extraction consistent. 

V. Compact 

Spend every vacation lively and take that corkscrew with you. Portable and ideal, this handy tool shall be your partner in crime. The perfect corkscrew needs to be tool savvy and worth of every extraction, anywhere and anytime. Try it out by the beach, mountain or simply just by your porch. Bring sophistication anywhere with your charming partner. Nothing beats the priceless sip from a well opened bottle of wine. Serve liquor like an expert and broadcast to a network of wine enthusiasts. Join the club as you appreciate the fresh taste of a properly sealed bottle. 

B. Types of Corkscrew 

For the perfect bottle opening experience, it's best to keep in mind which style best suits you. A traditional old fashion corkscrew may just be the best option for you. It's known to easily fit into the user's pocket. Complete with all the multi-functional tools, its ease of use capabilities and great aesthetic look, could be the next big thing in your life. This corkscrew is found in many places, however, the best option would be those that have an amazing grip. Try out Bartender Soul's Professional Redwood Corkscrew, it's Red Wood design provides a grip that's made to last. It's lightweight, convenient, sleek and slim design may just be the perfect suit for you. Feel real craftsmanship and a durable build. If you're looking for support, the next option could be the lever style corkscrew. 

It is known to be a rabbit corkscrew with two handles that wrap around the neck of the wine bottle. It's simple pull and push mechanism, is made to easily remove the corkscrew. This design could be ideal for a small get together. It may have leverage, but it'd be great to take note of how optimal it's functions are when serving a huge group. The bottom collar feature prevents the corkscrew from travelling too far. 

Take note of it's long body exterior. If you're looking at automation, an option may just be the electric wine corkscrew. However, it's always a good idea to consider the battery and mechanism of the corkscrew in the long run. This however, requires barely any human effort. A winged twist corkscrew is also available. This natural screwing methodology sits well on top of the bottle. Dominant in both style and a comfortable extraction it reduces the risk in tension of the cork and the bottle. Made for a user friendly experience. It's designed with a proper enclosure and grip. To sum it all up, the best design should cater to your experience or event. An intelligent design should always fit your standards. In many cases, people have the tendency to pick an efficient corkscrew. One that has the ability to perform anywhere, anytime. With the seal of a bottle, the best take to view would be it's size and material. 

Made to fit comfortably in your hands and pocket. It's been suggested that the best wine openers are those that fill the sommelier's or connoiseur's pocket. Bring enthusiasm to every wine tasting experience and keep up with the standards of a full glass of soulful wine. Make preservation an issue and enjoy the benefits of a well sealed drink. Do it right and engage in the right conversations, as this corkscrew leaves those taste buds wanting more. Make every sip worthy with this valuable tool. A fresh take on the perfect look would also add to your list of characteristics. A sturdy and portable design would leave any wine bottle opening experience in awe. Be amazed by the benefits a powerful corkscrew can bring. Engage in the advantages of quality and leverage. Take every moment to heart and leave no regrets behind. Making smooth extraction a priority. Continue to live life to the fullest with this great friend.

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